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Blue Meatball vs. Red Worm

It’s 2020 and amid a global pandemic two graphic powerhouses are duking it out. Which one will win? The meatball is meaty, but worms are also made of meat (probably not as tasty though). SpaceX has chosen a side. Are you still on the fence? This design-focused history of NASA’s logos may help.

Down with the pie: a subtle argument for bacon

Bacon plot
This lovely ditty comes from the killer data vis blog from Darkhorse Analytics, written by Joey Cherdarchuk. While the author is Canadian, the bacon is strikingly linear.

The Porkchop Plot

The plot that started it all. It’s a meat-based rocket logistics visualization. Here’s a nice summary from NASA JPL. ht to rocket scientist Caley Burke for sharing some wisdom.

Contribute a meatplot

Do you have a plot from your own awesome science that resembles bacon, fat back, or ribs? Maybe a feature request? Drop a line and I’ll post it here.

What is this new mpl?

I’m still trying to figure that out. It began with learning about porkchop plots from a talk given by NASA’s Caley Burke in early 2018 swiftly followed by purchasing this domain. Tomorrow is anyone’s guess.