Improving K16 STEM Education

To provide equal access to STEM careers, every high school student deserves a well-rounded science education. For a student planning on any technical or academic work after high school, they need to have had full years each of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Want to see some data to back that up? Try this. I’m also active in the Florida Chapter of the American Association of Physics Teachers and Quarknet particle physics outreach.

Coding in K12

There’s a big push for coding in schools and I absolutely agree that every student should be exposed to programming at some point. Equal access to lucrative careers depends on it. However, I don’t think a dedicated computer science course is the answer for all (or even most). Math and science courses are prime territory for this task, particularly high school Physics. Here are some ways we’re making that happen.

Recruiting Physics Teachers

I’m currently the PhysTEC Teacher-in-Residence in the UCF Physics department where I recruit undergraduate Physics and Engineering majors to consider teaching high school Physics when they graduate. Check out the UCF PhysTEC site for more info.

Professional Development

I’m active in participating in and facilitating teacher professional development. Read more here.


Here you can find course information and activities for my high school Physics courses as well as Physics pedagogy courses at UCF.

About me

I’m a high school physics teacher who spends most of his time advocating for students and teachers around Florida. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

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