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About Me

I’m an educator, physicist, industrial engineer, and data scientist. I mostly use those skills to advocate for students and teachers around Florida. If your organization is looking for curious minds who want to do great things, send an email to or read out more about me.

Coding in K12

Teachers have enough to cover without adding computer programming to the list. My project, Coding in K12, offers a way for K12 teachers with no programming experience to give meaningful coding experiences to their students while also addressing regular course content. Embedding our coding activities into core courses has increased equity and access, regardless of background or family income, for thousands of students. Here’s what that looks like.

Improving STEM Education

To provide equal access to STEM careers, every high school student deserves a well-rounded science education. For a student planning on any technical or academic work after high school, they need to have had full years each of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Need to see some data to back that up? That’s on my STEM Education page. I’m also active in the Florida Chapter of the American Association of Physics Teachers and Quarknet particle physics outreach.

Recruiting Physics Teachers

Since 2015 I’ve been the PhysTEC Teacher-in-Residence in the UCF Physics department where I recruit STEM majors to consider teaching high school Physics when they graduate. Check out the UCF PhysTEC site for more info.


A little project spoofing Python’s ubiquitous MatPlotLib graphing module and shining a spotlight on meat-themed data viz.